Thursday, June 15, 2017

the "new" store

So, after burning my brain out on legalese/details of various Acts involving environmental protection, I decided to knock off early and check out the "new" Pruett's Foods.

Pruett's is, apparently, a small independent-grocery chain (they describe themselves as being affiliated with Associated Wholesale Grocers, which I guess allows them to negotiate on price for things). The women at church praised their produce and meat departments - two that are important to me - so I am hopeful and decided to check out the store.

Well, they haven't renovated, though they have lots of signs noting that a remodeling is coming this fall - they have just now hung a banner saying "Pruett's Foods" over the old Nichol's Dollar Saver sign. And they have mylar balloons at each checkstand saying "Welcome to Pruett's" but pretty much everything else looks like the old Dollar Saver (that used to be a Winn-Dixie).


The store was noticeably cleaner when I was in this time - it looked like they had stripped and rewaxed the tile floors, for example. And yes, how clean a grocery store is MATTERS to me and I don't want to shop at one that looks dirty or dingy because it makes me wonder how they take care of the fresh food.

Otherwise, the layout was the same as it used to be (though that might change). There did seem to be a lot of restocking going on, which may mean more new things coming.

The produce section was bigger and nicer. It's bigger than the Green Spray's and I suspect it's nicer (though not bigger) than the Wal-Mart's. One new thing: they have little bottles of different "varietal" (like Granny Smith and Honeycrisp) apple juice. And yeah, I know, apple juice is loaded with sugar and all that, but once in a while I like a GOOD apple juice as a treat. (And it's probably better for you than soda, and if you don't drink it more than a couple times a month, I can't imagine it being v. harmful).

The young woman who checked me out said "OH, that's SO good!" and said that the Honeycrisp one (the one I was getting) was the best. So I'm hopeful.

I also bought a package of country style ribs to do in the crockpot this weekend - they already have their own branded meat out, and as I said, one of the things people said they did well was meat.

They don't have EVERYTHING I buy - there was no organic milk (other than that filtered Fairlife stuff, and I'm not entirely sure I want to pay the premium for that, though if I have to start strictly watching sugars I might, because it's lower in sugar than regular milk). But again, that might change with the remodel.

They do have one thing I couldn't otherwise get locally - they had listed in their online circular "Alexia sweet potato fries" and while the wal-mart carries the FRIES, it is the "puffs" (think tater tots, just with sweet potato) that I like - and they had them. They also had the five-cheese Italian blend I like for pizza.

They also have a small bakery. There was a case with fancy cupcakes, but no one in the bakery to ask about them at the moment (and I didn't need a cupcake). That may also expand with the remodel, I don't know. They also carry The Father's Table cheesecake (in two-slice packs), which is a nice thing to have available when a real treat is needed.

And next to the deli, they now have a grab-and-go section with a few pre-made sandwiches and things like hummus and fancier cheese.

So I am holding out hope as they slowly transition into being more like a "regular" Pruett's, they will have more and more of the things I want, and they will be a nice place to shop. (Honestly? If they get organic milk I may be able to mostly quit using the wal-mart, which would make me happy, because that place is a zoo some times during the week. And also to be honest: I'd rather my money go to a smaller, regional, chain. Apparently it is still owned by the son and daughter-in-law of the founders...)

The photos of the stores the company has on its website look very nice - and again, the appearance of a grocery store MATTERS to me more than it probably should - and I'm hoping the remodel makes the store look like them.

So, hopefully, I will have a nice new place to shop now.

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Lynn said...

It's funny... I remember Walmart back in the 70s as a small regional chain and now they're Big, Evil Walmart.