Friday, June 16, 2017

It was corrosion

Well, that's the Teal Deer right there. Turns out the reason the tech didn't check the amps on the battery earlier was that the terminals were corroded. So he just indicated it as being in the red zone without any other information.

I waited about an hour (they were still busy) but the mechanic (a woman - they have a woman mechanic there now) came in and told me that it was just corrosion, they cleaned the terminals, and when they did, the battery tested fine. And they installed some anti-corrosion pads.

The entire bill was about $30, which was way better than the $150 or so for a new battery I was expecting.

Still, it's too late and I'm too tired to go to Sherman this afternoon (and anyway, the ribs will be done soon). Maybe tomorrow, but most likely not - it really is beastly hot out there and I wouldn't want to leave until after New Pony (and also I have communion prep tomorrow, and a Sunday school lesson to write). And who knows: maybe this is an "omen" that the peach colored yarn I have will be sufficient to crochet the whole pony.

ETA: communion prep is off my schedule, the lovely new person I am partnered with called me and said, "You've done it the first two Sundays this month so let me get it this week and next week." Don't have to ask me twice.

Still, I think this is going to be an at-home weekend, given all the heat warnings they are doing, and also I just need a day at home. If I run short on yarn I can put the Pony aside until I can either get to JoAnn's or mail order yarn (it's an acrylic, but it does have dye lots, so it might not match PERFECTLY, but whatever.)

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purlewe said...

YAY for easy fixes!!!