Thursday, June 08, 2017

And one more

Yes, I can't seem to stop buying G1 ponies. But they're not huge, they're not that expensive (I usually pay between $10 and $15 for one), and they make me happy. I do need to figure out some kind of better shelving arrangement for them - get a bookshelf or something - because on the top of my tall bookshelves they are hard to see, I can't get my grabby hands on them easily, and they will eventually silt up with dust unless I climb up there regularly and dust them. (on a more normal-height shelf, it would be easier to keep them free of dust)

Anyway, this is the newest addition - Twinkler, who is a Sparkle Pony (has glitter embedded in her translucent plastic). I just like these. Twinkler is a pegasus with those funny "lumpy" wings that the G1 pegasus have (though I will say the idea of molding the wings like that - they are a lot, lot less likely to break than thinner or outstretched wings. There was a line of - I think they were called Flutter Ponies? That apparently are almost never found with the original thin-plastic wings intact).

The seller warned her glittery tinsel in the hair was kind of crinkly, but it really isn't that bad, and her mane and tail are nice and soft. And she really is just pretty. (That's why I like these: they aren't complicated. They are just something pretty to look at and to hold and on the best of them the hair is soft and it feels nice).

I find myself thinking of the old They Might Be Giants song with the line about "everybody wants a rock to wind a piece of string around" (which I always interpreted as "people are looking for the things in life that make them happy, and when you're an adult that's harder than when you were a kid, and as an adult you are metaphorically looking for the happiness you had as a kid when you were just doing kid things - like wrapping strings around rocks"). And really, a lot of the small toys I buy and have are that "rock" for me - I can look at them and JUST remember being a kid (and also imagine an alternate world, where maybe I was five or six years younger than I am, so really genuinely young enough to have and play with G1s when they first came out, and I can imagine myself sitting out under one of the trees in our yard, and just making my Ponies gallop around and pretend to eat grass and stuff... But I can also remember as a young teen seeing Ponies in the stores and being too old and "sophisticated" to want them and yet still kind of thinking about how nice it would be to still be young enough to continue enjoying toys as a simple thing, just as toys, not as something I am "collecting" or "cataloguing" or worrying about the history or value of - like I did with the doll collection I had)

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Charlotte said...

I noticed you have a lot of picture on your walls. Are the frames deep enough to serve as shallow shelve for the ponies?