Tuesday, May 09, 2017

still not done

No, I didn't finish the quilt. I looked at the forecast, decided that maybe it was better to take care of the lawn, so I first ran out to Lowe's (needed more string trimmer reels and I'll be blessed if I try to hand-wind one from a spool of line when I can buy a pre-made reel for just a couple bucks more. My time and my frustration are worth more than the price difference).

I edged the front yard and then mowed the front yard. Mowed the back and then edged all over the place, including that stupid area at the back where the brushpile used to be that's now full of some kind of invasive brome (no, I didn't key it out). I may see about getting someone to dump a load of topsoil there to cover it up, and then plant it (and maybe break down and get mulch. I dislike mulch, but maybe the only way to prevent weeds is to do that).

I also dug out the herbicide (more poison ivy, and I admit I gave up and sprayed the virginia creeper to, because I'm sick of digging it out).

It was a solid hour's work, and I've decided that counts as at least a half-hour of exercise (this was to be my rest day, but that means I can take tomorrow as a rest day instead).

I'm going to do this once more, right before leaving. The person I used to use as a lawnmower in my absence has moved away, and most of the companies want you to sign a summer-long contract, and I'd rather do it myself most of the time. I might ask one of the women at church who has a teenaged son if he does lawnmowing, and if so, if I could pay him to do my yard once while I'm gone. Normally I don't worry, but the whole "The city is watching you!" thing bugs me.

I've also decided I'm not going in to campus tomorrow: I worked hard yesterday and today, I have two months to prep this class, I can afford one day off. I'm probably going to clean house first, and then sew.
Also, after trying out various names on the stuffed toy bobcat, I decided that (a) she is a girl and (b) Roxanne is the best name I can come up with. I played with "Amber" and "Topaz" (because of eye color) but neither of those worked.

Maybe Roxy for short?

It was the penultimate NCIS of the season (allegedly, it's been picked up for another season). I misjudged from the promo: I thought it was going to be a Massive Cliffhanger Episode with one of the regulars in Mortal Peril.  (Tim and Deliliah were planning their wedding, and in the promo, they show her fainting and falling).

Well, the "mortal peril" fear was short lived and was replaced by a bigger surprise, which Abby couldn't keep the secret of. (And I guessed before the reveal)....and the wedding of the couple was done in a hurry for various reasons. (In some of these, the crime - in this case a murdered sailor on a ship - is largely in the background and the real story is what's going on with the agents.)

(the quickie wedding in their apartment also removed the question, for Quinn and Torres, of "Do you hunt down a 'plus one' or not?" I admit, as a longtime single, that's something that's always bothered me about weddings: if you don't have a date to go with, you risk looking pathetic, or, worse - as Torres alluded to - you get hit on by creepos who figure you're desperate. I'd rather just go by myself; I'm there to support the couple and not as a date. Yes, that can make receptions awkward if there's dancing but I don't really dance either, so....)

But yeah, this was kind of my reaction, even though it was for a series of good reasons:

Though I wonder if Gibbs giving McGee his watch is going to be symbolic of an eventual "changing of the guard." (And I wonder if they're going to slowly allow Ducky to retire. I love the character but I get that the actor is about the same age as my dad, and probably wants to slow down).

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