Friday, May 12, 2017

Spitfire is done

I finished another thing! (This is the nice thing about having a little bit of a break).

This is Spitfire, my favorite of the (full-fledged) Wonderbolts. I didn't make her Wonderbolts suit because I'm not sure how one would do that (swimsuit material and lots of carefully placed seams, I suppose). I didn't want to "crochet her into it" (that is: do the part of her body that would be covered by the suit in blue yarn) because everypony deserves time off.

(Interestingly: Spitfire wears more clothes than most ponies; in her official capacity at the Flight Academy, she wears a cap and vaguely Air-Force-looking shirt and jacket. And on one episode she wore something like the Pegasus version of a tracksuit.

And now, I admit, something in me wants to see her in a slinky dress or something similarly "feminine." I don't know that she ever really WOULD wear it, but sometimes there is that tough-seeming woman who has a feminine side....)

spitfire outdoors

I was gonna do a series of photos of her outside, but there was a heavy dew last night (and also there is pollen EVERYWHERE and I didn't want to get pollen on her).

I made her face a little different from some of the other ponies:

spitfire face

She often is shown with a slightly more "jaded" expression, or maybe it's meant to be stern, or maybe she is in permanent side-eye mode, but I tried to capture that "Oh, really?" expression. I think it was fairly successful.

spitfire cutie mark

I had to be a little more impressionistic with her "cutie mark" -  the mark, as drawn, has a lot more intergradation of orange and yellow, so it looks more like a flame. I didn't feel like doing that, so I went simpler.

(I was doing this pretty late yesterday evening. I got her crocheting done and was applying her hair and then my phone started ringing - dang telemarketers - but I would keep jumping up to check the caller ID. I WOULD just ignore it, but with parents in their 80s, and other loved-ones in precarious health, I feel like I don't dare ignore a late-evening call. At least all the ones last night were "UNKNOWN NUMBER" which meant they were easy to ignore. But still, it interrupted me).

spitfire head on

All in all, though, I'm pretty happy with how she came out.

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