Thursday, May 04, 2017

May the Fourth....

Happy Star Wars Day!

And I have to post this again because it's one of the more brilliant parodies of a pop song that I've ever seen:

And even  though I've shared it before, my story about "the Force:"

The movie came out in 1977 (the original one, I mean). I would have been 8; my brother was 3. I remember going to see it (with the entire family) in the theater. Some time later, my brother asked me, as we were playing, "Do you think The Force is with us?" (In those days, in the early movies, The Force was a more mystical sort of thing than the later movies made it seem - I do think as a child I imagined it as being something like that Holy Spirit thing they talked about in church).

My mom overhead his question and years later she told me she was afraid I was going to say, like every snotty older sister anywhere, "Silly, that was just a movie."

But either I was still in the imaginative world of whatever we were playing, or I was thinking of The Force in the way my Sunday-School and VBS-instructed brain was telling me, and I said "Oh, I *hope* so."

I wasn't always nice to my brother when I was a kid but that was one time when I think I got it right.

(Also, as an adult, I have met more than one person who feels as I do, that you feel somewhat compelled to respond "And also with you" when someone says "May the Force be with you.")

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