Saturday, May 06, 2017

Good mail day

A present from a Ravelry friend, from my Amazon wishlist:

It's an LED cat lamp - charges off of a USB port - and then you can set it to change colors or stay a single color. No idea how long these kinds of things last (usually LEDs are pretty sturdy). It's a fun thing and I may just try to keep it fully charged as much as possible because I can see it being a source of comfort during power outages. (Hopefully we don't have many of those).

The changing colors is called "breathing" and it is roughly in the cadence of slow breathing, so it is kind of soothing to watch.

Also the Doki Doki box came. I was concerned because the box was "puffed out" and looked like it had been re-taped. I took photos of the box before opening, fearing the mail-thief somewhere in our system might have hit it,  but it was just that one of the items was too big for the standard box:

Sumikko Gurashi (which actually apparently means "things in the corner," I thought it meant "shy animals" for some reason). This is "Penguin?" usually rendered with the interrogative because his back story is that we don't really know his species for sure. He is a soap/shampoo dispenser but I am tempted to use him for the liquid hand-washing-dish-soap I keep in the kitchen for things I can't just bung in the dishwasher.

I have two other things from this line, try to guess what they are:

Okay, their purpose is "keychain," but what kind of being do they represent?

Stumped? I thought the one on the left was a bird of some kind or else a chicken nugget, and the other one was a mole.

Nope. The "mole" is apparently a "leftover pork cutlet that is mostly fat" and the other, fuzzy thing is the leftover tail of a tempura shrimp.

(Well, the line is called "things in the corner.")

Instead, I call them Nugs and Moley, because first impressions stick. (And I think the idea of Tonkatsu being a mole is cuter than him being a leftover pork cutlet.)

And chicken nuggets are just funny to me because of the internet-meme linkage with "chicken tendies." (Don't google "tendies stories." They're kind of awful)

I might attach Nugs to my keys when I travel, to make them easier to find in my purse.

Also, there was another Petit Lapin stuffie in the Doki Doki box:

He's an eclair in this version. These are all tiny stuffies - I presume, the better to fit in the mailer but also, if these are genuinely representative of Japan, maybe smaller living spaces (as is true in most cities) requires smaller stuffies if you're gonna have anything like a collection.

I have three of these now - as a macaron, as a weird sandwich thing, and now as an eclair.

The last thing....well, I don't know about this. The problem with Doki Doki wearables is they skew a little "young" for me:

It's a deer beret. Yes. A beret with antlers. I joked on Twitter that I don't know if I have the "antlers" to wear it outside the house.

(Though, hm. Maybe at Christmastime, and maybe I sew a couple little jingle bells on the antlers? Anyway, I've put it on now so I don't think I could give it away to someone....)

I can't tell for absolute sure but I do think the beret is wool; it seems slightly felted like a good beret would be.

There were also Aggretsuko (I've talked about her before....the little red panda "salarylady" who gets ragey on her off hours) stickers. Unfortunately they're very small or I'd make a two-sided door-hanger for my office door: sweet Aggretsuko on one side, angry Aggretsuko on the other (And oh, if I could find someone who could write in Kanji and put "come on in" and "go away" on each side for me.)

I really love the Doki Doki boxes; you never know what you're going to get but it's usually fun stuff. (There was also a cat-head-shaped coin purse in this one, too. And the inevitable Hoppe Chan figurine)

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purlewe said...

there was a huge fad with deer antler hats a few yrs back where everyone I knew made the Little Owl Knits deer with antlers hat. in fact if you put deer hat in rav you get so many hats to choose from! While all this was going on I was knitting my stegosaurus hat for my neph and so I would wear it when they wore the deer hats. I was the steggie amoung the deer. LOL. So you might be surprised how many people wear hats with antlers.