Monday, May 15, 2017

derp dee doo

Or, I got lucky - this time.

So I was rushing around doing the last items on my list - I had to get over to school and pick up the books for my new class, I had to get some potting mix and a bigger pot because my Christmas cactus was desperate for replanting and I was afraid it wouldn't survive another two weeks on an automatic waterer otherwise, I needed to drop off boxes for recycling, I needed to take the trash cart back up and stow it....

So, I thought, "Okay. I'll set the broken down boxes here, in the living room, get the car out, and then put them in before I go over to school."

But first, I grabbed the trash cart. And that upset my routine JUST enough that I got in the car - I was carrying my purse already - and blithely drove over to school and then to the Lowe's, all while leaving the front door wide open and the screen door just closed, not locked.

I did not remember that until I was walking out of the Lowe's a half-hour later.

And immediately, I thought: oh great. Will I return home to my stuff missing, or worse, an intruder in my house? I drove home very nervously and was extremely unhappy to get behind a glass company's truck that was going 10 mph.

Got home. Prepared to call the cops. Pushed open the screen door.

Nothing. No sound, no "Oh, s...." from a burglar, no sound of shuffling. Everything was still there (I figured the most likely things to go would be the laptop and dvd player - smaller, relatively new. And the jar of change I have sitting out).

Yeah, I got really lucky, but then again: it's midmorning in a quiet neighborhood. And there's no one around except for the retired people who are home.

But yeah. I think I'm trying to do too many things. (All that remains now is to eat something for lunch, drop off the recycling, and unplug all extraneous gadgets - I have a light on a timer, and the automatic waterers set on plants, and the Christmas cactus has been repotted, and I packed the last couple of things - I have my "comfort pony" in my carry on bag (Fluttershy and also Derpy and Treehugger - I don't know, Treehugger has really grown on me) and a couple of little things that could serve as breakfast if we're running early and I have to get off and hop on the bus before the diner opens, and some bottled water, and my ticket....

I have a few embargoed posts while I'm gone; I'll be back the first or second of June.

(I have someone watching my house while I'm gone, but that doesn't extend to me doing fooling things BEFORE I'm gone...)

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