Saturday, May 13, 2017

check it out!

So, I had mockingbirds nesting in my abelia bush. There were four babies, I got to watch the parents fly in with all kinds of bugs, caterpillars, and worms for them.

I got to wondering: when will the babies fledge? Will I go away for break and come back and they'll just be gone? Will I know what became of them?

I ran out quickly to the Green Spray - I needed a couple things for cookies I am making for a reception at church while I am gone* and I came back and surprise! This was sitting in the bush next to the railing of my porch:

baby mockingbird

Here's more of a close up, a little fuzzy, but then the baby mockingbird is a little fuzzy:

baby mockingbird 2

(I was careful to grab the photos fast so as not to upset the parents too much, but I am guessing these little guys are pretty close to being out on their own)

(*Long story but: they wanted it to be "fancier" and I make those little jam-bar cookies. So I offered to make some and freeze them. I had forgot I needed lemon peel for the cookie base....)

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anita said...

Oh, you are so lucky! I've had mockingbirds in my various yards for years, but never seen any babies.

Hope you have a good and safe trip.