Monday, April 10, 2017

Yay, a photo!

Lynn did post the "photographic proof" of our meeting (that's my house, that's the abelia bush I think the mockingbirds are building a nest in).

(I am pleased Lynn described me "exactly as I imagined her" because I like to think I am kind of the same on the blog as I am in real life - I think I write like I talk, for example - but I always worry that I'm actually less interesting in person)

It was a fun meetup and I have a tentative invitation to go antiquing with her some time in Claremore, which would be awesome if we can find a day that works for both of us, because I so rarely get the chance to go antiquing with anyone and it's fun to see someone else's interests (I am pretty sure ours are mostly different so we wouldn't wind up arguing over who saw a Thing first and so, gets to have it. Well, maybe if there are feed sack fabrics on offer, but not other things, probably).

And yeah, she's right: her husband does strike me as the sort of person who can talk to anyone. I think I've kind of developed that skill in my life, a little bit. I've had to - out in the world without a significant other or child or other relative as a buffer, you sometimes have to just smile and enter into a conversation with the other person waiting alone at the airport or whatever.

I call myself an introvert and I stand by that, but I'm an "introvert who likes people" and who isn't particularly shy when she feels like there isn't someone more interesting than me that the person would rather be talking to.

I always said that if I ever got over to Ireland one of the things I wanted to do (even though it's scary, because it involves hanging out over a steep drop) was to kiss the Blarney stone because supposedly that gives you the gift of being able to speak comfortably and easily with people, but maybe - based on some of the meetups I've had - I don't actually need it.


Allergies v. bad today. It's extremely humid and supposed to storm. I hope it does, though not severe storms, because we need the rain and also need to get some of the crud out of the air - it's smelled smoky here off and on the past few days from grassfires in the area.


I did finish Spitfire's head last night and got a start on her body. I want to finish her soon and then I think Kero-chan will be my next amigurumi. (I like the idea of Kero-chan - a little sort of "companion spirit" that provides instruction and sort of a joking commentary: in the manga, he is rendered as having an Osaka accent, which usually is translated into American English as Brooklyn-ish, so I hear him in my head as sounding like Bugs Bunny.)

I mmmmmmight try to make a little t-shirt and jacket for Spitfire like in the "Spitfire's Day Off" video that I love so much. But making pony-clothes is complicated in that the front and the back have to be different shapes because the legs are "set" differently from how human arms are: you can make a (human) doll's t-shirt as a LITERAL T - you wouldn't even have to do separate sleeves, necessarily- but for a four-legged animal, the chest is narrower than the back (and Spitfire has the added complication of wings, so she'd need wing-holes).

(And I STILL think Spitfire's cutie mark should have been the RAF Roundel, but I'm gonna go with what she has on the show - sort of a flame motif.)

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Lynn said...

I think you and I might both be ambiverts.