Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Say hi, Pinkie Pie

I needed something happier up here.

A little while back, I ordered the Pinkie Pie "salon" set - this is one of those Equestria Girls chibi doll things. As I've said before, I'm not completely sold on the "Equestria Girls" franchise, and I actively disliked the Barbie-type dolls, but the "chibi" ones are pretty darn cute - and they're unusual, which is another thing I like about them.

Anyway, this comes with a bald! Pinkie and three "wigs" that you can swap out to partially re-create the pre-dance scene (where she tries out different hairstyles) from the first movie. There are also different skirts you can swap out (purple, yellow, and purple with glitter). And little "jewelry" pieces. And a play hair dryer and even a tiny jar of Barbasol with a comb in it....and a salon chair:


Most of the hairstyles are gloriously ridiculous - that one is almost a nod to 1770s France, with the boat perched on top of the updo.

pinkie and barnacle

Another view - and here she is with Barnacle (I don't think I ever photographed him yet - he's my second Big Brother Pony*). She can sit (if you carefully set her) on one of the G1 ponies.

(*Yes, I picture myself some day sitting in a room where a circle of chairs is set up, saying "Hello. My name is Erica....and I buy Ponies....")

There's also a hairstyle with the hair in kind of a peacock or swan shape:

pinkie peacock hair

(It's hard to get Pinkie to stand up so it helps to have a prop - here's Twist again)

The simplest of the three hairstyles - twin tails - is my favorite, though. And the glitter skirt is my favorite:

favorite hairstyle

Also, it turns out that if you twist and tuck Pony!Pinkie's hair, she can wear Human!Pinkie's wig:

Pinkie and Pinkie

(The mirror also came with the toy set - the whole set is really detailed and lots of fun. Not for little tiny kids, though - there are LOTS of v. small pieces. And yes, it is a lot of fun to play with changing her hair and her skirt and posing her....)

also, you can see alllll my Monster High minis in the background.

And here's a webcam shot so those of you unfamiliar with these dolls get an idea of the size:

(Also that's the free t-shirt I got, it says "Science and Engineering Jedi." Yes, I know, but....)

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