Saturday, April 08, 2017

Pony! Poni! Poné!

Heh. People who were kids/teens in the late 80s may now be suffering a flashback.

It was a pretty good day. Capped off with the arrival of my latest Pony: Waverunner

The white streak in her hair is supposed to become purple in sunlight. (The seller said it still worked and I have no reason to disbelieve her - this is Ponies in the Sun, from whom I have ordered MANY ponies and have always been happy). When the sun moves around to this side of the house I might set her in the window to see if the change will happen through a window.

Edited to add: yes, her hair DOES change color, but it won't do it in sunlight through a window; you have to take her out into direct sunlight. The change happens quickly but it fades quickly. (UV reactive, I presume?)

I like her color scheme and she is also a Twice-as-Fancy, which is my favorite subgroup of the G1 ponies - her cutie marks are seahorses and bubbles.

I also bought myself a Reboot Rainbow Dash. I know some collectors are kind of "meh" about the reboot designs, but RD is super cute as one - cuter than the pearlized brushable that I considered before I saw this version of her.

She comes with little flying goggles. (Her hair is a mess because she's straight outta the package)

The goggles take off, which is nice, though I could see a lot of them getting broken on the ones bought as toys -they feel like slightly fragile plastic and they are a little tricky to take on and off. (I will probably just leave them on her because she's so cute in them).

I suppose the third pony here (Poné?) will have to be the free unicorn amigurumi kit that came with the Brit-crochet magazine I bought at the bookstore.

Or maybe the yarn I bought for Sunburst - I wound up getting some gold-colored Wool-Ease. It is almost the same color as the gold Red Heart Super Saver I had, and I debated getting it, but then I decided that life is too short to crochet with yarn that tears up your hands. (And I found a nice, lighter-brighter yellow to make the Kero-chan with).

I also got lunch out (barbecued pulled chicken, and I really think that's my new favorite at the good barbecue place) and did a lot of grocery shopping - I will be making either chili or salmon loaf tomorrow for dinner, and I have ground lamb ahead if I want to do lamb loaf for Easter.

I did also buy a bunch of little blindbags different places (the new wave of Care Bears, and Neko Atsume, and a Monster High Mini), but I decided when I got home: I'm happy now, so instead of having a big bout of opening NOW, I save them and dole them out over the next however long when I need a little treat.

I also bought myself one set of Easter candy: they had all-natural strawberry marshmallows at the natural-foods store that looked really good, so I bought some to open on Easter. (I still plan on baking myself a cake of some kind).

I feel a lot better now. I don't *think* it's just because I spent a lot of money on myself and indulged my inner child - I think I just need downtime and haven't been taking enough of it lately. I probably need to strive to get more effective work done during the week so I can take Saturdays off in good conscience.

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