Monday, April 03, 2017

It's "Sherlock Knits"

I ordered this book from Amazon last week (I had seen it in the KnitPicks catalog, but it was out of stock at their place).

(Disclaimer: I paid for this book and received no "promotional consideration")

These kind of "theme" books are often a pig in a poke. Some of them turn out to be unpleasantly gimmicky, or have stuff someone like me would never wear (outside of cosplaying, which I really don't get a chance to do, except maybe on Halloween). Or in some cases, the range of sizes is too restrictive. (well, at least for me - the range here is 36" to 48" and I am towards the lower end of that range. I suppose they're too small for a very large person and would be too big for a particularly slender woman)

Not the case here. I was pleased with the book. Most of the designs are pretty classic. There's also more of a balance between "for men" and "for women" patterns than you might expect given that the Holmes books are pretty much the story of a bro-mance of sorts. (IIRC, some of the first "slash fiction" to appear on the internet was Holmes/Watson).

But there's a shawl and a cowl and a set of "engageants" and a pair of lace socks....and the tea cozy and "casebook cozy" (really: an iPad cozy) are arguably unisex. And there are some patterns for men...

My favorite is "A Sweater for John" - a classic cardigan that I would like to make for myself. There's also a very natty houndstooth pullover vest.

And, of course, a deerstalker hat. The patterns look pretty straightforward for an experienced knitter.

The book is nicely produced, as well: nice Victorian-feeling typeface, quotations from the stories, drawings by (I presume, because same last name) a relative of the's just a happy-making book, well produced and with patterns I'd like to make.

They also did a remarkable job of finding a man with more than a passing resemblance to Benedict Cumberbatch to model some of the items....

I think the lace socks will be the first thing I try; I have some deep purplish yarn with "stellina" that might look nice for them. 

The list price for the book is $12.95 (I paid something like $10 for my copy). Given what you sometimes pay for a single pattern, that seems quite reasonable.

The author also has a book of Anne of Green Gables knits out; I might have to check that one out sometime.

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