Sunday, March 05, 2017

Raven is done

Yeah, so I got involved with watching "The Royal Tenenbaums." (Why? I've seen most of it before and I know most Wes Anderson movies make me sad, but right now I'm far enough into it - it started at 5 - that I guess I'll watch it through to the end).

I did, however, finish Raven during it:

seated raven

And it fits. (I don't think I even swatched this one; I just started it and was like, meh, ribbing, it will fit).

The back detail is nice but hard to photograph:

raven back

(Also, flash makes the white t-shirt show through)

Here's another shot:

raven 2

I only had about 25 yards of the yarn left (this was the smallest size and I ordered the recommended amount of yarn). It's Cascade Greenland, which I understand is discontinued. The yarn was a discounted purchase from Webs - it's a dark reddish brown, which is a better color on me than black would be anyway. The original sweater, true to its name, was made in black.

Pity it's probably going to be too warm for me to wear it until fall/winter 2017.

(Also: pity that Greenland was discontinued; it's a really nice yarn to knit with and gives good stitch definition - sort of a cabled construction to it.)

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purlewe said...

It looks GREAT!!! Congrats on finishing.