Friday, March 10, 2017

random break thoughts

* Got my exams graded. People will....not be happy, but then I gave a review sheet with several of the topics heavily pointed out they were going to be on the exam, and those were the topics most missed, so, eh.

* My dad's misdirected present came, so I quickly packaged it up (and also wrote out and addressed my most recent ITFF card-swap card, which has to go to Ireland) and ran them down to the post office. The post office person said my dad's gift should arrive there Monday, which would be perfect, because Monday is his birthday. (I am skeptical: I sent it first class and it was less than $3 to mail, and also I thought it took longer than a weekend for packages to get somewhere? But whatever. At least it's on its way and he knows to expect it)

* Thought of running to the wal-mart so I don't have to tomorrow, drove out there, remembered they're resurfacing half the parking lot and it was a ZOO, so I went back home. I will try again first thing tomorrow morning before the crowds.

* But yeah. I don't know what's up with my town:
- major construction on the interstate that leads to huge back-ups and the main onramps to it are currently closed
- construction on the overpasses of that interstate which means that the other route out of town is congested or outright blocked on occassion.
- I really hope we don't have anything happening soon that requires evacuation; people will die if it comes to that. (I know a few back ways that I might try if it came to that)
- And now, the wal-mart lot.

* Build-a-Bear now has a Starlight Glimmer plush for sale. (No, I don't need one, I have the smaller Aurora one). I will note, though: Build-a-Bear, if you made a Sapphire Shores? I would totally buy her. Even though your plush are too huge and take up too much space. I kind of want a squishy Minky Sapphire Shores. (Yes, I could probably crochet one, but I'd never get the hair right)

Actually, a squishy plush Sapphire Shores with several of her outrageous outfits would be a wonderful thing to have.

* One of the things I am really tempted to do this break is just start ALL THE PROJECTS. I should probably finish a few things I have going, but I also want to start Celestarium, but also the stuffed Doge (I got the yarns for her last weekend), and the Spitfire I bought yarn for a while back, and more socks, and....maybe a cabled sweater, I don't know....

Also I do think I'll go antiquing on Wednesday (maybe) and perhaps also think about getting dark blue-grey and light-blue-grey yarn for a Gabby the Griffon who was a one-off character in this season's MLP. Some fans were annoyed by her but I found her kind of endearing - that super-hyper-cheerful girl who wants to be everyone's friend and is always positive.  I bought a generic griffon pattern from an Etsy pattern-seller but using the right colors and doing felt eyes, I could make an acceptable Gabby. 

* I can tell I am getting better at German and that makes me happy. I like learning stuff, and learning stuff and getting better at it fulfills one of my very deep and fundamental needs, which is to feel like I'm making progress on something. Hunting around on YouTube I found the Max Raabe version of "Mein Kleiner GrĂ¼ner Kaktus" and I realized I understood a decent amount of it:

(Actually, there's a verse he leaves out, that's something about "A woman is judged on the flowers she would I be judged for my cactus" which makes me wonder if the song was originally written for a woman to sing. I am also trying to use my spidey-senses to see if there's anything in the song other than it being a funny song about a cactus, but I'm not getting anything that seems like a double entendre).

(I really kind of love Max Raabe.)

(And if anyone who is a native speaker of German and knows the song is reading this: Is it traditional to make "Mr. Krause's" part in kind of a funny accent? A couple of the other recordings I've heard of that seem to feature that)

And eventually I hope to get good enough to be able to listen to and understand that song on my parents' old record where they say the people say a sentence, and it ends with "Um" or "Am" and everyone laughs because it somehow changes the meaning of the sentence in a comical way.

* I really need to work on sentence structure and work with a BOOK instead of just Duolingo though because I know there's stuff I'm not getting and my understanding of what is and is not proper sentence structure is weak. (And after I run through Duolingo, I might try some other teaching tool - maybe even invest in Rosetta Stone).

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