Thursday, March 23, 2017

Now more pony!

Okay, I'm in a better mood. I ate something, I graded the exams I gave today (It's a small class and one person was out sick -a makeup has already been scheduled - so it went fast). The grades were pretty good; I think the review session I did on Tuesday helped.

Also, ponies. My new ponies sat and watched me while I graded.

This is Twist:

Twist is a deflocked (not to be confused with defrocked) So Soft Pony - so she's extra-brilliantly colored, so some color would show through the flocking.

As I said before, I'm not crazy about the idea of "flocked" toys that get dragged around and played with outside and that are not washable and on which the flocking would wear off....but in their flock-free form, they're delightful, and I might acquire more of these. (Or, if I ever run across one that's a sad, partly-worn-off flocked one in the wild, I might have a try at deflocking her.)

I needed more unicorns for my herd. And I just like Twist's colors and her cutie mark makes me smile because pretzels are such a random thing to have as a cutie mark.

And then there's Powder, who came at the same time: I'd wanted a Powder for a while but before now didn't see one in a condition acceptable to me or that was a decent price.

Ultra cutie-mark close up- it's snowflakes. Silver glitter snowflakes. (I saw entirely too little snow this past year. I don't like driving it but it is nice to sit at home on a quiet day when you don't have to be anywhere and just watch the snow.

And of course, this makes me think that Powder is the Elsa of ponies....or rather, she fancies herself to be. (One of the fun things about G1: I never watched the old cartoon so I am completely ignorant of their backstories, so I get to make them up myself). Powder LOVES showtunes and those kind of super-dramatic songs, and she's prone to break randomly into song.

Twist is her best friend and is a bit older and a bit more sensible, and tries to get her friend to tone it down just a little so she doesn't look ridiculous....

Like this:

"Let it GOOOOOO"


"Oh honey, no"

"Oh honey, no. Not here."

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