Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday morning things

* Blood has been drawn. The nurse told me they would call me to let me know when the results were in. Here's hoping everything comes back good, or if it's something slightly iffy (e.g., slightly elevated blood sugar) I can promise to continue the "lifestyle changes" I've been doing and try again later.

* Because really: I know I need to be less credulous about such things but the "prediabetes" PSAs get under my skin because they seem to imply EVERYONE is (apparently 1/3 of people over 18 qualify by the standards, and half over 65). BUT: I have read a couple of articles recently that are by doctors/endocrinologists who are skeptical of the designation and who argue it's not that helpful, and just leads to worry for some people (like me), other people who might actually benefit from lifestyle changes ignoring medical advice,  and perhaps leads to unneeded interventions with medication. (And also, there is a strong streak in the US of "you brought this on yourself" - and if I turn up prediabetic or diabetic I will be FURIOUS because then why am I doing 150+ minutes of exercise a week, and trying to avoid added sugars, and not eating potatoes, and limiting how much bread I eat, and I gave up orange juice and sodas a long time ago....but of course, if you have that unlucky genetics, there you are). I have enough of a perfectionist streak in me to make me miserable and ascetic about things, and I could see how hearing "your blood sugar is a little high" leading me to do something like give up ALL carbohydrates and try to exist on eggs, meat, and vegetables.

(And no: I have no symptoms at all, but I also had no symptoms with the hypertension before I got rejected from giving blood because my blood pressure was too high, so I think I'm a little big gunshy on these things)

*However, I have made myself a promise: if my results all come back good (or if the "bad" result is not sugar-related), when Easter comes, I am baking a cake and eating as much of it as I want after Easter dinner. (Which will probably amount to a generous-sized slice but not half the cake or anything like that).

* Really, though, I suspect the most likely "bad" result will be that my iron is low, and that's easily-enough fixed. More spinach, or buy steak more often.....

* I also decided to run two other errands:

 - my water bill for the month had not shown up, and remembering that time several years ago when my payment got lost in the mail and I almost-immediately got a nastygram from the city warning of imminent water shut-off, plus a $100 fee to reinstate water when I paid up, so I went down to that city office to ask.

Turns out they have a "shortage of meter readers" right now so the bills are delayed and we will have an extra 10 days to pay them. Still, if I don't have it by the end of this week I am going to go down and pay in person if I can.

 - Went to the Tag Office (non-Oklahomans: this is kind of like the DMV but not exactly; I don't think they do driving tests but they do make licenses and the like). We all have to buy a new license plate this year, apparently to fund something in the state. I gave up on my earlier idea of requesting a vanity plate saying either "BIRB" or "SMOLBIRB" (and I have been informed that last is too many letters) because of the extra cost, effort, and I'm not sure I want that recognizable of a plate.

(And that's because our plate now has an outline of the state bird on it.)

It was just about $90. I don't remember what I paid last year for the sticker that verifies my registering but I don't think it was $90. And sometime now I have to (a) put the new plate on and (b) e-mail Motor Pool Lady who also keeps the parking records of my new tag number (and remind her of my parking sticker number) so I don't get a ticket.

* I also found that I had a partial draft of the paper I needed to write this break done. I guess I started it way back in January (or even before) and then forgot I had done that when all the stuff went crazy with the OTHER manuscript I had to write and the Science Olympiad and everything. I've added a bit to it but I think I might close up for the day soon and just plan to come in and work more tomorrow - I have some data analysis I COULD do towards the manuscript but if I get in earlier tomorrow that could be done then.

I also have an exam I want to write so I don't have to do it during the week next week.

But I also want to go home and do my day's exercise, and also have a little fun (probably sewing) time; tonight is CWF meeting (siiiiiiiiigggghhhh) so I am committed for this evening.

* I am still designating Wednesday as a Fun Day. I am thinking of going antiquing, and maybe running a few errand-type things (Big Grocery Shopping, for example). Maybe Friday I even consider going to Whitesboro, I don't know. Getting back into quilting shows me that I need some more big pieces of solid color (or plain white) for sashing/block backgrounds and I'd rather buy the Kona Cotton from a quilt shop if I can, rather than mailordering it.

Also, it might be good to look through my quilt books/magazines and make a few plans as to what I will need sashing for, and in what colors.

Hm. Will have to check; if Lovejoy's is serving a full lunch that day it might be worth going down for their quiche.

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