Thursday, March 16, 2017

Home Day tomorrow

Yeah, I decided. Because:

a. I think I pulled a muscle in my back working out and driving on our chewed up roads probably won't do it any favors.

b. It's St. Paddy's Day, aka "Amateur Night" if you're talking about beer-drinking, and if I wind up out after about 4 or 5 pm I might have to dodge some happy overindulgers

but mostly

c. I've got stuff here I want to do.

I realized I have a couple large pieces of fabric I bought for pillowcases that I never sewed up. (One has Paddington Bear  on it - I think I have enough for 2 cases - and another is a piece from Spoonflower with tiny little horses of all different breeds on it (I hope the way the piece is printed that they will orient the right way. If not, I might have to either make the edge wider, or use the fabric for something else).

And yes - when you live alone and sleep alone you can totally have juvenile-themed pillowcases and it DOESN'T MATTER.

(I think I also have some Winnie the Pooh fabric I bought for pillowcases. Can't remember if I actually bought it or just thought about it....)

I use the "burrito pillowcase" instructions from All People Quilt. (And I keep thinking I should whip up one or two for donation, if that program is still going - for a while they were collecting happy fun pillowcases for kids in shelters, or for kids in foster care. Because that kind of thing, I think, might make things a little bit better).

I also want to work more on the "Line Dance" quilt top. It would be nice to get all the blocks made up and the sashing started on them. (Not sure if I have the energy to spray-starch and cut the edges so they will do the tilting thing).

It would also be fun to start something else. Maybe the one of the blue-and-yellow fabrics I bought on my birthday trip. Or maybe pop in a movie and do some hand-quilting. 

I also think at some point I'm going to talk to the church secretary about going down there when the kid's daycare isn't in session and use the floor in Fellowship Hall to lay out a couple quilt tops - I know no one would mind but they do have cameras up so it might help for someone to know to expect I was coming down there. I have a very long-stalled "confection" print fabrics top to put together, and the one I finished last fall with all the florals in it. (A Saturday would work for that: rarely are there things there on a Saturday)

I never did call the quilting lady but I can do that some other time.

I also worked a bit more on Celestarium, did the next set of increases, and moved it to the short circular. This is one of those patterns where you do go "I want to do one more row to see where this goes" - I've got Ursa Minor done already and there are a few beads in place to start forming the next constellations in the circle.

It's going to be really pretty. I'm loving the intense blues I chose for the "sky" in it.

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purlewe said...

This sounds like a satisfying day.