Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Happy Pi(e) Day

Today is 3/14, also known as Pi day (3.14, get it)*

So one celebrates by eating pie.

But how does one manage to celebrate pie day and continue to honor one's Lenten pledge to avoid sweets?**

By making a savory pie. I have designated this quiche "egg pie" and therefore it is a pie and therefore I am celebrating pie day.

egg pie

This is a modification of the Mother Rimmy recipe here. I used canned salmon and used six whole eggs (I think I had a bigger pie plate) and canned evaporated milk (good substitute for cream) and I used Swiss cheese instead, thinking that might be better. It is a crustless quiche, because crusts are a pain to make and anyway I tend to think the eggy part is the best part anyway. (I did butter the pan heavily and sprinkle a thin layer of breadcrumbs on the bottom to try to keep the layer of spinach from sticking).

Hopefully it's good. I'm letting it cool briefly while I heat up the cauliflower tots (which really honestly are quite good, especially dipped in marinara sauce) that I am going to eat with it. 

*(October 23 is Mole Day. Because 10/23 - a mole of a substance is 6.022 times 10 raised to the 23 power atoms of it)

** reasons are complicated and not purely spiritual in nature (in the mode of "offering it up" or of reminding myself "this world doesn't have a hold on me" - though that second one applies). I decided after having gone from my lowest adult weight in July to back to a bit less than my heaviest adult weight in January that I needed to change my relationship to sweets, and one way to do that is to go cold turkey for a while and then if everything's cool with my bloodwork, slowly reintroduce after Lent, maybe trying for "once a week" or "once every three days."

Edited to add, after dinner:

Yup, that recipe is going into the regular rotation. Very, very good. And it's simple. And it uses stuff I mostly tend to have on hand anyway, or can pick up quickly (Green Spray pretty much always has green onions and spinach, and I could sub in any cheese though I think the Swiss was a good choice). And it only took about 25 minutes to cook - faster even sometimes than waiting in line at a carry-out place.

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