Saturday, March 11, 2017

Grumpy needed friends...

Okay, yeah, disclaimer up front: I do spend a lot of my disposable income on toys.

But I can't wear fancy expensive shoes (impractical in my workplace, and also I have bad ankles, and also I am kind of fat to be tottering around on stilettos). And I don't eat in restaurants more than once a month or so because of my insanely-restrictive (especially right now) toys are a simple comfort and they ARE a comfort to me.

I talked about wanting Build-a-Bear to make a Sapphire Shores? (They probably won't, unless she features big in season 7....). But they do periodically have good deals. And they had one recently: two critters (of a selected pool) for $35. And at $40 (IIRC) you get free shipping.

And I thought: you know, on that short-lived Care Bears reboot show, I really kind of liked Share Bear. She was a sweet character. And she was part of the "2 for $35" pool. So was Cheer Bear, who was the one I probably wanted next most that was in that pool. (I would have got Toothless the dragon had he been, but not this go-round).

So, in a fit of feeling slightly sorry for myself over one of the many slights-that-I-took-as-bigger-than-it-really-was last week, I ordered them. And a jeans jacket to round it up to $40, and because the idea of my Grumpy Bear wearing a jeans jacket like a bad-boy amuses me.

They came today, a few days early.

To riff on a joke the cool kids make: Squad goals:

Yes, I realize the slight pathos of referring to a bunch of stuffed bears as my "squad."

And here's Grumpy in his bad-boy jean jacket:

'Cos the ladies love a bad boy.

(I suspect, pop culture being what it is, and Internet writing being what is is, someone has figured out extensive "shippings" for the Care Bears. In there case there's perhaps a bit more of a gender balance than with My Little Ponies....though I could see someone writing one where Grumpy is the one who has several of the females "on a string," so to speak, and doesn't let any of them know he's dating the others.....)

And yeah, I guess this is my particular midlife crisis: buying either toys from the 80s (allllll the ponies) or reboots of toys from the 80s (these) that I thought I was too old for the first go-round. (That said: as I mentioned before, I really kind of wanted a Grumpy Bear when they first came out, but was afraid it would look too babyish to ask for one for Christmas, so I didn't. But one of the few consolations of adulthood is that sometimes you can buy the things you wanted as a child but didn't get)

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