Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Glad I waited

I was sort of just dinking around here this morning, thinking "you really need to get on the road for your day of antiquing" but I kept wanting to check Twitter again or hear another old Comedian Harmonists recording...

And then the phone rang.

Caller ID was my doctor's office.

My stomach dropped a little but I picked up. It was the nurse:

"I have a message here from Dr. Woodall to call you. Your labs came back. They are all normal."


I will confess to doing a tiny bit of awkward-dancing alone in my living room after that. I know I am a hypochondriac, but:

a. I didn't have ANY recognizable symptoms of high blood pressure before my diagnosis (in retrospect: I did seem to have more tinnitus the summer before I was diagnosed, but that could have been coincidence)

b. A close family member wound up with a diagnosis of very-early-stage (so early they referred to a "cure" rather than a "remission," and he is still with us 10+ years later) after getting a weird lab result (I think it was for ALT) and spending six months in an agonizing round of follow up tests

So yea, I worry. But now I don't need to, and I also know that I'm probably okay in how I'm eating and exercising.

AND this means: Easter (or probably the Saturday evening before) I am baking a cake and I am going to ENJOY that cake on Easter as my way of breaking the Lenten fast. (But I am going to strive to be more careful about sweets and eat them less frequently in the future, so I can help keep my weight under control and hopefully avoid any future issues with blood sugar).

But yes, I am very very relieved right now. (And wow, that was fast on the labs - they just took the blood 2 days ago)

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