Wednesday, March 29, 2017

And today's done

Well, kind of. I still need to return the van and go home and probably do the Kenn Kihiu workout and then wash my hair and practice piano a little more, but the interacting-with-people part is done.

And I feel better. I really enjoy this class of students; they're interesting people and fun to have in lab. One of the women commented "today was fun" and again people express amazement at my plant knowledge, which is something I so totally take for granted that maybe it's good for me to be reminded from time to time it's a little unusual.

Perhaps that's one of the secrets to happiness: have people around you who either don't do exactly what you do, or are in a still-learning phase of it, who will express a certain amazement at what is so familiar to you it's almost like breathing and you don't remember the effort you put in to learn it.

(Though I also cringe when I hear the transhumanists talk about how in ten to fifteen years, you'll be able to "plug" a "knowledge module" into a "port" in your brain - so people like me will be utterly obsolete and useless. If that comes to pass? I really AM buying a plot of land, building an as-off-the-grid-as-possible cottage on it, and maybe founding a settlement of people who are AI/transhumanism refuseniks. We'd probably all be killed in the first pogrom, but at least we'd take a stand)

(I'm really hoping it's FIFTEEN years and not ten, because by then I'll be retired and I can tell the rest of the world to go pound sand and I will work in my garden instead)

Hopefully I will have an early night tonight and will catch up on some of the interrupted sleep I've had.

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