Saturday, March 04, 2017

a quiet weekend

At least, that's what I'm hoping for. So far this morning, I got up (after sleeping a bit later - woke up just before 7 am - than usual), dressed, ate, did the daily Duolingo German practice, played the piano for 30 minutes, mailed off my dad's birthday present and card (together in the same box....which hopefully will defeat the mail-system card thief)

Though then again, a card I sent a Ravelry friend in Pennsylvania made it to her and in good time, so it's possible word's got around that "hey, they know there's someone stealing cards" and the person has stopped. (Or got caught and it's just not publicized, I don't really care, all I want is for it to stop)

I have to do my monthly grade-warning-reports (and one or two of them WILL be warnings; I have someone with more than 10 absences) and then I'm off to spend my Ulta birthday coupon and get doge yarn and do some grocery shopping...

And I hope I get home early enough this afternoon to want to do some knitting. I am SO CLOSE to finishing Raven - just an inch and a half on the collar, and then sew in the sleeves. I mmmmmight start Celestarium tomorrow, or I might try to work on the long-stalled quilt top. I'll see what I feel more like doing.

I am considering last weekend and this weekend payback for the couple of nutso weeks when I was prepping for the Olympiad and writing a manuscript and all kinds of other things.

Also, week after next is spring break. I plan to do a lot on writing up the current research then, but I also am considering doing a "fun day" - either going back down to the yarn shop in Whitesboro, or maybe looking around to see if there's a not-too-far-away interesting museum I would want to go to. Or even just taking a day and going antiquing somewhere new, if I can find a small town less than 2 hours away that has more than 2 antique shops in it.

Or, heck, maybe I take a couple days and just hang out in my sewing room and finish a few projects. That would be good, too.

(Confession: I am starting to get excited for a summer of no teaching. Yes, I will be doing research, but I am guessing that will be fewer hours per day than teaching takes (and certainly fewer than teaching plus research - my usual gig). I have Big Plans to clean and redo my sewing room and maybe even - if I can find a place to stow everything while I do it - wash all the walls, paint them with Killz again (sigh; the past roof leaks, which I think I have finally beaten) and then paint them some pretty color. And then put everything back, but in better order this time.)

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