Sunday, February 12, 2017

record of yesterday

What I did yesterday. (A day for which, I will note, I am not officially paid to work: this is how it is for salaried people. I am paid something like 40.8 hours a week but if the work's not done....well, my pay-per-hour goes down accordingly. I once knew someone who taught at a community college* who sat down and figured out what his ACTUAL hourly pay would be based on the hours he worked one long week....and he was making just below minimum wage)

(*This is important because typically they pay less than comprehensive four-year schools do)

And yeah, I partly brought this on myself, with my fear of saying "no" to service and research stuff in a time of tight budgets.


1. Finished typing the cruddy first draft of the paper, did a little editing on it.
2. Did a little additional data crunching, hunted around in SPSS to see if there was anything like ecological ordination in it (there isn't, so unless I can quickly find a free online or downloadable thing I can learn in a hurry, these data will not be ordinated)
3. Wrote the exams (junior high and high school) for the science olympiad next week, sent them out to my colleagues for critique
4. Made a batch of extract (cedar litter plus DI water) for the experiment
5. Wrote the exams for my soils class next week. (Well: wrote one exam, rearranged the questions for the "form b." And yeah, I do this: our rooms are small and I'd rather not deal with the "are they or aren't they" about roving eyes)
6. At home: cleaned the crud out of the shower head, cleaned the crud out of the teakettle
7. Did the necessary grocery shopping for the week
8. Stopped off at the car-wash place on the way home. Was going to go the expensive-but-easy route (paying the $8 or whatever for the luxury automatic wash where you sit in your car and get a little carnival ride of sorts while the car runs through it) but wound up doing the arduous-but-cheap route of feeding a couple bucks of quarters into the water-and-soap vending set up and washed the car myself - because there were a dozen people in line for the automatic wash and I didn't feel like waiting.

Today, after church, I have to bake a cake for tomorrow's CWF meeting. I'm going with a buttermilk pound cake (baked, inexplicably, in a tube pan) from one of my Farm Journal cookbooks.

Next Saturday is going to as busy, if not more, than this one. (Sigh).

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