Monday, February 20, 2017

Perhaps, a deficiency?

I wonder if some of my grumpiness/despair these past few days has been a shortage of silly things combined with my head being too much in my work.

I know I haven't seen an episode of Ponies for a long, long time, and only have caught a few moments of We Bare Bears here and there. (I do own a couple Pony dvds and could watch those).

But this was featured on Equestria Daily today and as I said on Twitter, I approve of this:

Ievan's Polkka (better known to many as "that leekspin song") redone to be about Pinkie Pie.

I think if Pinkie Pie were a genre of music, she would be polka. And I don't mean that derogatorily; I grew up listening to polka, since I grew up in Northeastern Ohio, where there was a large Polish-and-other-Slavic immigrant community. (In fact, until I was in college, I just assumed everywhere had a radio station that played polka and broadcast in Polish for at least part of the day. Well, where I am now there are channels that broadcast Norteño music and broadcast in Spanish part of the day, so that's similar - a lot of Norteño is polka-influenced. And we also have a Hindi-language channel that plays some Indian music).

Actually, since I started with Pinkie, the other ponies' genres would be (at least as far as I think):

Rarity: show tunes, or perhaps opera
Rainbow Dash: rock, possibly either hair-metal or hard rock
Applejack (well, this is too easy): country and western
Twilight: probably some very complex music, either Baroque or perhaps a very complex and mathematical form of jazz
Fluttershy: possibly New Age, possibly a very sweet innocuous bubblegummy pop.

Or maybe Rarity is something like big-band/torch music and her little sister Sweetie Belle is show tunes, seeing as Sweetie has expressed a liking for that before. 

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