Friday, February 24, 2017

My Birthday (Observed)

My actual birthday is Monday, but that's a work-day, so.

This afternoon I am taking off from working out (I managed 40 minutes yesterday, and so accumulated the "magic" 150 minutes for the week). I do have my tax-preparer meeting but that's just to drop stuff off so it shouldn't be too long.

I do have to run to the bank - I have decided to withdraw a little cash from my savings account* for shopping tomorrow

(* I know, I know: it's supposed to be for emergencies only. But I have some bills to pay and I don't get my paycheck deposited until Tuesday, so.)

I am going to Whitesboro. I am going to Quixotic Fibers and probably to Kaleidoscope Quilts and to the couple of antique stores there and to Lovejoy's, and then I am driving back to Sherman and getting lunch (Lovejoy's doesn't serve lunch on Saturdays) and probably going to the antique shop there and to the bookstore and maybe the Ulta especially if they decide to send my "birthday gift e-mail" at all early....and I am going big grocery shopping after two weeks of making do with stores I won't buy meat from (I don't like Green Spray's meat: a lot of people do but it's SO LEAN that it cooks up like liver, and I don't trust the wal-mart's meat)

I haven't been out on a weekend in what feels like a long time, but I guess is really just 2 weeks, but wow, those were a long two weeks. (They say time flies when you are having fun, but I find that time seems to stretch out and expand when you're busy. So I wind up doing things like checking on the delivery status of something that "should" have reached me and find I just ordered it 2-3 days ago).

Another thing I need to do sometime is clean house. I might do a bit of that this afternoon if my appointment at Jackson-Hewitt doesn't take that long, or I might do some on Wednesday - we don't have classes because it is midlevel assessment testing, and as long as I get my exam written for Friday earlier (I can do that Monday), I have nothing pressing on Wednesday and it would be kind of nice to stay home and get the house all cleaned up. That's probably part of my distress: a messy house bothers me. As I've said before - I don't mind clutter, I don't mind lots of books around, but I do mind seeing dust lurking in the corners and general disorder where stuff isn't where it belongs.

I dunno. I'm still just sort of tired (and more and more convinced that either (a) I had a weak stomach bug earlier this week or (b) I have yet another food-sensitivity issue I've not sussed out yet. (It's not sweet potatoes, thank God, I ate some last night and they didn't bother me)

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