Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It's Surprise! Pony!

I have a friend on Ravelry whose daughter, off and on, has done custom My Little Ponies. (AFAIK, only Gen 3).

Well, this afternoon, when the mail truck pulled up (quite late, but I guess they had to recover from yesterday's no-mail day) there were three packages for me....

1. some yarn for a shawl that was part of my birthday present to myself. (Mrs. Crosby in the colors A New Leaf and Boston Fern - I am actually already calling the not-cast-on-yet shawl the "Henrietta Lowell" shawl in my head because of A New Leaf)

2. another Monster High doll, ordered when I was in a funk of feeling sorry for myself (a Ghoulia Yelps, who is a zombie girl. And the best Ghoulia was the Prom Ghoulia, so she came with her date Slowman, who is also a zombie. Hm. So monsters must assortatively mate?)

3. A total surprise.....a little box from chiengoraspinner (my rav friend). But knowing her daughter's hobby I had kind of guessed it.

Oh, and an aside - I walked down to meet the mail delivery person, and she asked if I had had any more trouble getting and receiving cards. And I told her yes, I had - and she said she'd talk to her supervisor because apparently no one did anything when I complained before. She said she took it personally when someone didn't get their mail.

But anyway. The surprise box? It was a PONY! A special, modded/refurbished G3 pony.


I'm quite sure she's a re-hair job (which, from the doll/pony blogs I read: it's a lot of work, especially the mane) because that's a unique color of hair and I've never seen it on a pony before (also, it's a slightly different texture - softer and more flowing)

I am calling her Cherry Cordial. Because of the cherries and because her hair and tail are sort of a chocolate color. ("Cherry cordial" is another name for those chocolate-covered cherry candies).

I really like her. Especially since she was a total surprise.

I really need to get a special pony shelf for all my ponies from G1 and G3. I have them on top of my tall bookcases right now but that's less satisfying because I have to stand on a stool to take one down to hug it or look at it. And I'm starting to run out of room...

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