Saturday, February 18, 2017

a little request

So I just found out someone tried to comment, but Blogger wouldn't accept her e-mail.

I don't know if this is a Google+ thing or what. I have resisted moving to Google Plus because it seems like a "We don't even want you to be pseudonymous" thing - and I like having at least a tiny veil between the blog and my in-person life, so.

But anyway: you SHOULD still be able to comment as "anonymous" without leaving an e-mail address (I hope). I think that would work for people not logged in to Google. I still moderate comments so it may be a little while before yours shows up, but you should know if Blogger accepted it.

Would someone try commenting here?

I've gotten a bunch of anonymous comments in recent days but they were obviously spam bots because they were word-salad combined with a few dodgy links. I can tell an "anonymous" comment from an actual reader (especially if you leave your name in the body of the comment) from a spambot.

but it is slightly depressing to open up my e-mail, see several comments, and find out they're all spam.

I know Blogger is kind of a butt about leaving comments, but that's how it is. 


Anonymous said...

here you go- let's see what blogger makes of this ... and btw have a good day-

all regards-
barb in texas

CGHill said...

Now you know why EqD, which runs on Blogger, switched away from the stock Blogger comment system.