Friday, January 27, 2017

Today is fifteen

Today is my fifteenth blogiversary.

For whatever that's worth. Back when I started in the heady days of knitblogging, I thought, "You know, maybe I'll have legions of fans. Maybe I'll even get a book deal. Maybe I'll be FAMOUS!"

Well, I suppose God gives you what you actually need, sometimes: I'd hate fame, because with fame would come scrutiny and critics and trolls and all of that attendant ugliness. And I'd probably be more constrained in what I could say if I knew that many people who knew me in person (like, at work) were reading me.

So I didn't get what I thought I wanted at the time, but I probably got what I actually needed - a few new friends, a place to write out my worries and my joys, and the only thing like "trolls" I get are comments from "anonymous" with dodgy links and vapourous praise that could apply to literally anything (and yeah, I've started getting a lot of those again, which is why comments will always be moderated here). 

So whatever.

Happy birthday, little blog.



Don said...

Congratulations on your first 15 years.

Joan said...

Happy birthday, plucky and steadfast little blog. Next year you will be old enough to drive!

CGHill said...

Considering how few of these last even 15 months, I'd say you've earned the canonical pat on the back.

Here's hoping you get through the next 15 years with relative ease.