Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Just one thing

I wrote a whole post but left it in draft because it felt like too much of a downer. (I've done that numerous times lately).

But instead, something I was thinking about last night:

Maybe I need to make some space somewhere and buy a dollhouse kit and start getting into making miniatures and having a dollhouse again. Because when I was a young teen and had one, I loved it - because it was something I had total control over. That I could make the dolls' (or in one case, toy mices') world perfect and comfortable and I could arrange the furniture how I wanted and put whatever furniture I wanted in it. I went all in, even doing things like making food out of Sculpey to put in the ice box (and yes, it was an ice box - it was an Edwardian-era doll's house) and finding little books to put on the shelves.

And more and more, I find myself wanting something like that. Maybe that's the real reason behind my "tiny bean army" and my Monster High dolls and all that - it's something controllable in a world that I feel like is totally out of control. Or it's an escape from that world. I don't know.

(Probably instead of buying a whole dollhouse what I need to do is get out the set of Monster High doll patterns I bought and make some clothes for my dolls; that has a similar feel to it and takes up less room, and I already have the supplies).

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