Friday, January 06, 2017

Actual snow day

So last night they were predicting snow. And I was like, "Shyeah, that's not gonna happen. It'll get cold and maybe there will be a few flakes, but we won't actually GET snow"

I woke up this morning to at least an inch on the roadway and my drive. Some schools in the region are closed (though not the local district, but they may not be back in session yet?). There's a promise of more snow later this morning.

So yeah, no going out and getting soil for Run 2 of my cedar allelopathy experiment. (My plan was to get the soil, sieve it this time, and have all the Cone-Tainers set up and ready to be planted as soon as I could get the cedar clippings to make extracts).

I have to decide whether to go in to the office. If I do, I can easily get the third syllabus made up and also do a few other "little" things to prep for Monday. The next-nearest university, which has already started classes back up apparently, is opening late, at 10, so I'm thinking maybe waiting a bit before I go in is wise. (I don't want to fall on any ice. I probably wouldn't break anything - I'm fairly well padded - but still, I don't want to fall).

It's also very cold. It wasn't so bad yesterday and I mostly just ran around (taking stuff out to the trash, going to get my mail) in a big sweater and didn't bother with a coat - I can do that when it's in the 30s, put on a big puffy wool sweater, leave the coat in the car (just in case of a breakdown and having to walk farther than the few dozen feet to the door of the building I am going to). But today I think I will need the coat as my little outdoor thermometer says 19 degrees.

One thing I did get when I got my mail was my December Doki Doki box. It didn't come in time before I left (the scrawled "Hold 12/17" on the side tells me it came very shortly after).

It was a fun box. One quick web cam picture (my big camera has to be recharged before I can photograph the projects I made) of my favorite item:

Fingerless mitts! Made out of fake fur. I have a lot of fingerless mitts I have knitted for myself, but these are special mitts.
See? They have what are sometimes known in the cat-fan community as "toe beans" appliqued on them.

There was also a really cute tote bag featuring "Pote Usa Loppy" - a cartoon of a lop-eared rabbit. And a pink pen with a fuzzy pom-pom on it. And a tiny squeak toy of Pote Usa, and a little stuffed bear, and a "daily organizer" that is pretty much entirely in Japanese (there are translations inside the front cover, and it's set up like a perpetual calendar so you could use it any year).  And the inevitable Hoppe Chan figure..... and a tiny Shiba Inu toy designed to be a cleaner for your smartphone screen. (I lack a smartphone, so.....not sure whether to take it over to work for my computer screen. I COULD send it to my brother, who has a smart phone and a Shiba Inu, but I know it would wind up going to my niece instead, who already has a lot of toys, so I think I will keep it)

The mitts are kind of silly and I don't know if I'd have the courage to wear them to work. Though I think I'd also argue that I was insufficiently silly when I was in my 20s (when I was able to get away with it) and maybe I should make up for that now.

ETA: Nope, not gonna make it in. Mid morning I developed a headache, and late in the game I realized, "Oh crud, this is a migraine" (I haven't had one for several years, partly thanks to the blood-pressure meds). I took an ibuprofen - all I had on hand - and it was too late as that didn't touch it. So I went to bed and laid very still and hoped I could sleep. (I did get up twice, thinking I was going to vomit, which isn't at all uncommon with migraines. I didn't, not really, but then I didn't really have anything in my stomach). Eventually it got better but right now I feel very cold and very shaky and I know I need to eat something but food doesn't appeal to me.

I'm HOPING this is because of the weird weather, and I'm tired from traveling, and my shoulders hurt from having hefted too-heavy suitcases, and the fact that I crossed a cold front I think three times yesterday.....and not that the migraines are going to return as a regular feature of my life.

I think I'm going to see if the mail came, and eat something, and then get into warm pajamas and either just surf the Web or see if there's a good movie on one of the movie channels I get and just give up on being productive today. 

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