Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A small relief

Back in November, I got a call from the clinic my doctor was part of - my appointment for February was being cancelled as she was leaving the clinic. The nurse who left the message said she thought the doctor was going to another clinic in the area, but had no details.

At that point in time, all kinds of stuff was blowing up, it was the end of 2016, and I was just like "what next?" and "this feels so unnecessary" and "I don't want to have to shop for a new doctor*"

(*I have had some bad experiences because I'm a fattish woman. Other fattish women may be able to relate)

So I decided to hold tight: I had enough time on my prescriptions (and I have six-month refills that I can fill soon) and I'd figure it out later ("That's Future Me's problem")

Well, I was thinking about it again. I sort of drove casually around town, taking different routes than I normally take, and looking at all the medical clinics to see if her name was up anywhere. (we have a LOT. For a town that has fairly little in the way of other things, we have a lot of clinics)

No dice.

I was kind of resigning myself to going in and asking the campus nurse if she recommended anyone.

Then, today I got the little "health magazine" from the local hospital system (one is here in town, one is in Sherman). Most of the stories are semi-canned stories that are sort of put out by lots of places... so I don't normally read it. But then I noticed on the contents there was a page of "Welcoming our new doctors."

So I checked.

THERE SHE IS!!!!! She is at the hospital clinic here in town. "Family medicine," it says, which I presume means kind of like general practice. (She is a D.O.)

So I guess tomorrow I make time to call that clinic and see if she's taking new patients (I assume she would be, especially a new-old patient) and then call over to the former clinic and arrange to either pick up my records or transfer them.

This is the first time I've had to do this kind of thing....I admit, I was kind of hoping for a letter saying "this is where she went" but maybe that's not done.

But, fingers crossed I can get in as a patient with her again because that will make my life so much easier.

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