Thursday, December 08, 2016

The little things

* My grades are all in. The concerned student did in fact earn a B, as did the athlete I was tutoring. (In the athlete's case, I REALLY think it was a matter of "wow, I need to buckle down and actually work" rather than "I don't understand this at all" though. I think he's fundamentally a smart guy but maybe had got a little lazy - it happens a lot to people in high school)

* I gathered up all the old papers I could get rid of and took them to our print shop, where they have an industrial shredder that will chew them up. I presume the paper is then recycled (though arguably, paper recycling is less a good for the environment than things like metals recycling, but I'm not gonna go into that)

* I have a meatloaf in the oven, so fresh different food for dinner tonight. (I eat a lot of meatloaf, but it's easy to make, easy on the teeth if my sinuses are bugging me, and there are a lot of different ways you can flavor it up)

* I dropped off my Toy for a Tot this afternoon at the Chamber of Commerce, which is a nice convenient place (it is like three blocks from my house).

* Antiquing tomorrow is a go. I am excited for this. Even if I don't buy anything it will still be fun. And I am going out to lunch. Maybe to the barbecue place, maybe somewhere else.

* I got a couple cards already - one from a Twitter friend, one from a Ravelry friend. The Ravelry friend also sent me excellent herbal tea (bought at Marks and Spencers!):

The mug was a freebee when I bought a bunch of stuff from Monastery Greetings. It has St. Benedict on the other side.

* Minty will probably finished - at least in terms of crocheting - tonight. She....may wind up coming with me in my carry on bag at Christmas. (Oh, Fluttershy will come too; I have to take Fluttershy as my woobie when I travel)

* A relatively new family at church is hosting a big fun lunch Sunday after church, which will be nice. I might make a snack cake or something to take. (Oh....I could do the cocoa Hershey's cake, it does not require eggs. I am a bit low on eggs at the moment and don't want to buy more with leaving as soon as I am)

* It's cold out, but my furnace is working well and my little warm-mist humidifier is gurgling beside me and I have nice blankets on my bed and my Paddington Bear Christmas quilt and I have warm pajamas.

* The first of the little surprise gifts I sent out has landed and the recipient is happy. I enjoy doing things like that because I know I enjoy getting little surprises in the mail so it makes me happy to think of someone else getting a surprise.

* I'm done for the semester (essentially) now: I do have one more syllabus to write but it's the gen-ed class so I have to hold off until I get the updates from the coordinator. And I need to do my PTR packet but that's for Monday.

End of semester break is best break because you are actually done. And I don't have anything really hanging over my head - no revisions of a paper I have to do (and in fact, there's the one on which I'm a co-author that will come out at some point with no further work from me), no new preps to plan for, no theses to read and comment on. (I am on one person's committee but he's just at the beginning-writing stage).

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