Tuesday, December 06, 2016


So, the shipment was "delayed" one day (whether because of bad weather or maybe box damage - see below - I don't know).

But I expected it today because the UPS tracking said "out for delivery" and the guy brought it just a bit ago.

I had speculated on how "epically big" a box would have to be to hold a 4' long stuffed toy horse, but it wasn't all that big:


(Foot for scale - I wear a ladies' size 7 1/2 in dress shoes)

I was also slightly concerned about the state of the box - this happens a lot with soft things getting shipped, the box gets crushed under heavier things. At least there was just the one item and he was big enough not to get lost, but the box DID look like it had an emergency re-tape job.

And here is the unboxing. (Looks a bit like an almost-ready-to-be-born fetal horse here. I watch too many vet shows, maybe)

embryonic horse

Yeah. It's a horse! And I'm sticking with the name I hit on yesterday because he does look like a "he" and he also looks a bit like a Pfred. And anyway, the gag is too amusing to me to not do it.

It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die! (alternate caption: "NO YOU CANNOT HOLD MY NEW WOOBIE FOR 'JUST A MINUTE"")

hugging Pfred

And a lot of the fun of giant toys is being able to pose them. For one thing, I can re-enact that "lonely little horse" Amazon ad:

like the Amazon ad!

And...."it's hard to play the piano when you don't have fingers" (aka: One of the Equestrian conundrums: how can there be horse-musicians?)

pony piano

and this was a photo that came across Twitter the other day, captioned "tumm rubs plz"

Pfred is still a little floppy and scrunched up from the box to get that exact posture but this is close:

"Tumm rubs plz"

I'm pretty happy with my purchase. Part of it is that it is a totally frivolous but expensive thing and I really only allow myself one purchase like this a year, part of it is it's been something I've been looking and and considering for several weeks.

I probably need to brush him (or -gasp - run him through the dryer a bit on air fluff) to un-mat his fur. And I might want to trim the fur a bit around his eyes so they are more visible. (And he has one ear that cants off a bit to one side. Not sure whether to try to fix that or to just imagine it gives him character)

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totally adorable.