Sunday, November 13, 2016

Quick Sunday post

Well, one big finished thing:

cabled mitts

These are the gift-mitts for my mom. The yarn is a blend of mostly yak down with some bamboo. The color (interestingly enough) is named "Dinna fash" which I understand is rural Scots for "don't get annoyed" (I wonder if "fash" is linguistically related to the French verb se f√Ęcher, to become angry). It seems odd to me because this is a yarn made in Taiwan from products from Asia, but the colorname is Scots....

I'm working away on the tiny critters. I have five of nine done (a lizard, a white mouse, a caterpillar, a bee, and a snail) and have the butterfly half-done. I want to do a dragonfly, a frog, and a ladybug but I confess I am burning out on wanting to knit these things. (I go up to visit for Thanksgiving next week and these really need to be done by then, and I am not counting on being able to do much during the evenings of the coming week, just because it seems my evenings so often get co-opted. 

I don't have the eyes on the critters; I am going to wait until they are all done and then add things like eyes and noses. I'll photograph them when they are all done.

And my bangs have grown way too long but it seems I only think of it first thing in the morning (probably because that's the only time I really look in a mirror much) and I don't have time then to trim them (also, trimming your bangs over the sink is a bad idea: clogs in the drain). So I've taken to sweeping them off to one side so they're not in my eyes and the other day it stuck me that they look a little bit like Starlight Glimmer in her trying-for-redemption mode. (In her Tyrant mode, she had them cut off straight and almost had a little bit of a "Snooki bump" going on with the rest of her hair.



It's actually not a terrible look for me, I think. Maybe it's time to grow out my bangs once and for all and just embrace the Fivehead. ("I don't have a forehead, I have a fivehead"). Also when I wear it like that it seems to cover the worst of the greys. I don't care about them enough to bother with every-six-weeks dyejobs but I do like being able to cover them with careful combing. (Maybe the most-exposed hairs are the ones that go grey? Is that how it works?)

I've been using a special detangling/anti-static brush (the "Tangle Angel," which has a cute design - the back of it looks like angel wings - until you realize when you hold it, at least how I hold a brush, you have your thumb on the angel's butt). It seems to help a little but sometime soon I need to have the ends of my hair trimmed because I can tell they are getting split ends are are more tangly.


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