Monday, November 14, 2016

More on "just hits you"

I forgot to add in the image I was thinking of.

You know how sometimes if you have a fountain drink, or an iced tea, or something, and it's got crushed ice in it (or those smallish cubes)? And you're not drinking with a straw, and at the end you tip the glass back to get the last bit of the iced tea out? And all the ice shifts in a sudden movement, and hits you in the face?

That's what some of the stuff is like for me - a sudden cold shock and I react to it not so much because it's anything so enormous, but because it's sudden, and cold, and a shock. And you do feel slightly betrayed - "this was my drink! It was a good drink! But now it dumped ice on my face!"

Heh. I don't remember it but my mom tells me that when I was a very small child, we were at a fast food place - I think she said it was "Burger Chef," which I don't think exists any more (and may never have existed outside northeast Ohio), and they had bought me my first milkshake ever, and because I was so young, I couldn't manage a straw yet, so they just gave me the cup. And at one point, I tipped the cup too far and all the rest of the milkshake came down on my face. And she said the funny thing was, I didn't cry, I just sat there, kind of shocked, with that cold milkshake all over my face.

(I'm glad things like cell-phone cameras and America's Funniest Home Videos didn't exist when I was a child; I'd have hated going in for a job interview and having one of my possible future colleagues saying something like "Hey! You're Milkshake Girl, aren't you?")

But yeah. Sometimes you're enjoying a nice milkshake and life just decides to dump a load of cold, half-melted ice cream* on your face

(*Or shake-mix, or whatever that abomination is that the fast food places used to use in the 1970s. Yes, I am a bit of a milkshake snob these days, but when you have to watch your calories as much as I do, you're not going to eat something that's just kind-of what you want, you're going to get what you REALLY want - real ice cream, and real milk, and real syrup)

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CGHill said...

The last Burger Chef closed in 1996.

This one was in Dothan, Alabama.