Monday, November 28, 2016

I just can't

I don't even know. There is something cursed about 2016, I think.

I just got an e-mail: a student who was in two of my classes, someone who was an interesting and engaged student, who was always friendly and polite to the others in the class, died suddenly this weekend.

(I was kind of wondering when he didn't show up for the 9 am class of mine he was in: he was usually there).

I'm in shock. I don't quite know what to do about the second class he was in: do I make a small announcement? It's presentations day and I don't want to unduly upset anyone or throw anyone off their game, but I think if the students don't know, they need to.

This is kind of uncharted waters for me; the only previous student death I had experience with was someone who had already taken my class and a general announcement was made later on.

I feel really bad for his family. I know he was close to his parents.


Colin A said...

I once had a choir member at university (1980s) who took his own life. Everyone was very upset.

Roger Owen Green said...

Geez, that's really tough. Most sorry for you and all who cared for your student. 2016 HAS been tough.