Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Heart and Brain

The Awkward Yeti has a series of cartoons he does featuring the characters Heart and Brain. Heart is pretty much the child or the Id (though it's mostly a gentle Id rather than a maniacal one). Brain is the adult, and the super-ego. Brain is the one who tells Heart to buckle down and work, or to spend less money, or whatever.

(Brain also tells Tongue not to eat so much cake or pizza and to eat broccoli instead. Brain is pretty much me in my most hidebound and joyless state).

Anyway. I was imagining my own Heart and Brain talking:

Brain: there is a doomy election coming up next week. There are all kinds of geopolitical threats that didn't seem to be a concern five years ago. The economy is still bad

Heart: We're going to go to the Target and buy FAIRY LIGHTS this weekend!

Brain: you need to write your post tenure review thing for next semester and start accumulating supporting evidence; the due date is faster than you think


Brain: you need to keep an eye on the schedule you will have to write an exam for your intro class sometime soon

Heart: I wonder if I can find fairy lights that twinkle like the lights they have on the Eiffel Tower?

Brain: you really need to clean up the house some time

Heart: Oooh, I wonder if they've restocked the Target toy department for Christmas yet? I wonder if they will have any new Pony stuff or some kind of cool new Monster High doll.....

Yeah. Heart is a lot more fun even as I know I should probably listen to Brain instead.

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