Wednesday, November 30, 2016

And "vintage" ponies

Past me (from December 2015): "I don't THINK I will get any more vintage Ponies, though it is nice to have these two" (Posey and Bubbles).

Current me: "AH ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha":
ponyshelf 1

ponyshelf 2

ponyshelf 3

Future me will have two more - I ordered a "First Tooth" baby Tic-Tac-Toe and a vintage Bowtie (but I don't HAVE many cool-colored ponies: they are mostly pink and yellow, the ones I have now, and I "need" her for balance!). They are on their way to me right now.

Yeah, well: these things make me happy like few other things do. And they're cheap enough, compared to what some people by, so.....

(I especially love the Baby Ponies for some reason, I think it is that they are smaller and chubbier than the others and there is just something endearing about them.)

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