Monday, October 17, 2016

This is a thing?

I know, I know, I should just shrug and let this go but this is the second instance today of someone wanting me to do their job for them. (The first one was at work and I won't go into details, just that I don't have to do it now because I objected).

Anyway. I came home to the usual mailbox full of stuff-mostly-bound-for-the-recycling-bin. (It's getting close to Christmas; I have started getting the citrus catalogs).

Anyway. There was a card from a local real estate agency. Telling me a house had been put up for sale in my neighborhood and if I "knew anyone, friend or neighbor, looking for a house" could I please call them and let them know about the house.

Which feels very much to me like "DO MY JOB FOR ME! SELL THIS HOUSE FOR ME!" I presume the agent will get 100% of the commission on it - there is no mention of any "reward" offered for finding a buyer.

And, I don't know. I get asked this stuff all the time: take this survey. Sit through this webinar where we're going to try to sell you a product. Follow this person on Twitter because they get a penny or something for every new follower. Post this spammy comment because its spammy links might sell something for the spammer. And it all makes me tired. I have a full-time job and then some. I have to do ALLLLLL the housework, marketing, cooking, laundry, yardwork myself. I have duties at church. I do service on campus and off campus. I sometimes serve as a reviewer of articles for free.

And there have been times when I genuinely could have used some help but did not get it.

And so, I object to someone who *probably* makes more than I do in a year asking me to do their job (Or, at least that's how it feels).

I'm tired.

I wonder if other people have gotten the postcard like this and if they interpreted it like I did - as a "sell this house for me while I take the profit and get the glory!"

(Also, I know the house in question and it's not all that. I bet they're having a hard time selling it and that's why they're spamming people with postcards).

I'm not sure I have the energy to e-mail the guy and say, "Hey, maybe you don't realize it, but this is how your postcard 'looks' to at least one person" - I can't think of a sufficiently low-key and nice way to do it, so I'll just toss the postcard.

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