Thursday, October 27, 2016

the perfect image

(Forgive in advance, if you will, the euphemised-by-an-acronym profanity and blasphemy in this)

But I found the PERFECT image that sums up my reaction every time one of the news channels starts exclaiming over their upcoming election-night coverage. (As it is a Tuesday, I am presuming that means we don't get a new NCIS that night).

Anyway. Even the little piddly local CBS affiliate is talking how great their coverage will be.

And this is me:

'Cos yea. I'm ready for the election to just be over and for us to figure out how to live with whatever the outcome is. I'll find out who won on the morning of the 9th, thanks. (unless it turns out to be a hanging-chad issue again, in which case I'll probably find out who won around Thanksgiving.)

(If I wanted to go super-elaborate and impractical with a Halloween costume, I could do worse than Millais' Ophelia - that's what this image is - but I'd have to construct a portion of a fake river and walk around all day with it. (I probably already have a dress that would work, and I am suitably pale if I leave off the make up for the day. In fact, with my coloring and my pronounced nose and chin, I could probably be any one of many pre-Raphaelite maidens if I so desired)

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