Saturday, October 29, 2016

End of week

I'm just tired, I guess. Lots of events this week that got me down. Also, I gave three exams (well, collected the take-home form of one) this week, and that was really more grading than I wanted to do.

I didn't wake up until almost 7:30 (I never set my alarm on weekends unless I have to be somewhere before about 9 am). I had awakened shortly after 5 but decided to go back to sleep. It does mean I didn't get as early a start on stuff as I wanted (had to go to the wal-mart, had to write Sunday school lesson, I still have to practice piano and AT LEAST go over to check to see if my little plants need water. I also have 36 cupcakes to bake this afternoon....And oh shoot, finish my talk for Tuesday. I forgot that. I'm tired of being a responsible adult, can I take a vacation from that for a while?)

A couple random things:

the local wal-mart no longer carries King Arthur flour, my preferred brand. This disappoints me. It disappoints me every time the local wal-mart drops a "better" brand in favor of stocking more of their house brand. I know the local economy is even more in the tank than the national economy, but gah....there are a few of us here who are willing to spend on "better." I guess I either remember to stock up when I am at the Kroger's in Sherman or I mail order the stuff. (Hopefully, I have enough for the cupcakes, or else I run out to Green Spray and, I guess, buy Gold Medal. If they carry it....)

I kind of felt like I wanted a "little treat" so I ran down the toy aisles but nothing cheap enough that I liked, so. (Also, I probably need to start working on "very little frivolous spending" because of needing to save money for next summer, and also to train myself for a future when local sales tax is over 10% - there's a ballot measure "for the teachers*" that would add a penny to every dollar spent on everything (even groceries, even medicine) and that will take effect next July. I fully expect it to pass because it's being promoted as "just a penny" and people don't stop to think that if you buy $100 of groceries that means an additional dollar to sales tax....and people don't think about the fact that this hits EVERYONE, even college kids living in the dorms who maybe have no money to spare, even families with eight kids who are trying to make ends meet....instead of doing something like raising property taxes which would be, IMHO, a better way of raising more money for schools)

*I'm not even going to discuss all of my objections to the measure and to how it's being promoted. It's one of the IT'S FOR THE CHILDREN things that tends to make many people's critical-thinking facilities shut down. My fear is that even higher sales tax here will do things like cause more people (like me) to go to Texas to shop, especially for groceries (which are not taxed) and we'll see even more of the little local businesses close down.

Also, I drove by the former quilt shop yesterday. Signs are all gone and there's a big FOR SALE sign up on it, so I guess there really is no hope of it re-opening. Also, the paperback exchange (which I rarely went to because it was mostly romances and westerns, but whatever) has closed.

Working away on the mitts for my mom. I'm about midway through the first one. I have to do these, and I need to figure out something for my brother and sister in law (going to try the local kitchen store) and I need to knit the little toys for my niece. I know what I am giving my dad; I just have to obtain it. (Maybe next weekend if I can break away for a bit - I have to go to Sherman for it).

But yeah. I'm just TIRED and as soon as I say "Yay, I'm done, I can relax" it's like NOPE there is one more thing I must do. I wish I hadn't agreed to do this talk.....

Well, Sunday School lesson is done. Little plants have been watered and germination has been checked. Have to finish my talk but I can probably practice piano in between making cupcakes but I just get so tired out by the Tetris scheduling of my life. ("May I have a long one, please? / Why must these infernal blocks tease?")

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