Friday, October 07, 2016

And Sherman ho

Yeah, if I can get my grading done and my meeting minutes typed up....I looked at my research plan and remembered it takes 8 hours to steep the extract. SO starting it now makes no sense because that would put me back here after 10:30 tonight and I don't do that.

So I'm coming in early tomorrow, setting it to steep, going shopping, and then filtering it when I get back. MONDAY I will plant because I will have a block of time then to do it - and if I'm extra special lucky my missing seeds will come this afternoon, so I can do all of it at one go.

I also had a good student - he is in two of my classes - who wanted a little research experience and who has asked me advice about grad school and stuff in the past - come in and offer to process the red cedar litter. I think part of it is he felt sorry for me because I showed up on Wednesday with massive hives from cutting the stuff. (I have become way more cavalier about hives after having been prone to them for about six years, they tend to freak other people out).

(And yeah - I grabbed some gloves for handling it tomorrow to avoid exposure to the sap)

I need some time out and away (and I need to get to the natural-foods store).

Also, this student may do some research with me, either in the spring (if he needs the one credit hour) or over the summer. So I suppose maybe it's a building-up-of-goodwill thing for him to process the litter..

But yeah. I think I need to start scheduling "me time" just as I schedule piano-practice* and research-work and all that

(*And yes, that should be me-time, but sometimes it does still feel like work).

And now, to grade like the wind....

Also, I think I will get my flu shot this afternoon. Glancing at the calendar, I see three weeks from now is the next opportune time (i.e, when I am not going to be running around like a madwoman the next day in case the shot makes me feel lousy)

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