Monday, October 31, 2016

A "closet cosplay"

Apparently, in fandom communities, a closet-cosplay is one where you can put together a costume from stuff already in your closet. That's my Halloween costume this year:

Beatrix 2

Beatrix Potter.

I had the idea after wearing the outfit (without the shawl; it was hot) for the 115th anniversary of my congregation last year. This is pretty close to how Potter would have dressed, especially later in her life (when she was closer in age to where I am now). The skirt was bought for the dress-up at church. The blouse, shawl, and hat I already had.

I decided to settle for carrying "Squirrel Nutkin" because it was too hard to pin him to my shoulder, and also it would make taking the shawl on and off hard, and it's supposed to be 86 F today, so....

The irony of all this is I'm introducing the computer statistical package in my one class today - so I will be sitting up in front of a computer lab in the closest thing to full Edwardian garb I can do without wearing a corset.

Beatrix 3

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Chris Laning said...

Want to see a tardigrade piƱata?

The entomology museum at UC Davis had one at their Halloween party (I wasn't there, just enjoyed the photos).