Sunday, September 18, 2016

"Three fictional characters"

This is something that either is trending, or people are trying to get STARTED trending, on Twitter: Describe yourself in three fictional characters.

One of the people I follow did it, choosing Reepicheep (she does various fencing-related activities), Velma (from Scooby-Doo), and....I think it's a librarian? From Buffy? Maybe? (Sorry, I don't know the last one).

So I decided to do it, and you know, it's surprisingly hard. I wound up picking three, but there were others I might have included.

Miss Marple was my first. Mainly for the knitting but also because I am often the one no one notices, but I tend to see and observe everything, and I fancy I am a reasonably good judge of human nature.

Fluttershy, because there has to be a pony in there, and I tend to think my personality - risk-averse, quiet, not-dealing-well with performance pressure - is probably closest to her (Though Twilight Sparkle, at least pre-alicornisation, would be a close runner up: rule-follower, book-obsessed, socially awkward). Also Fluttershy knits, at least in the extra-canon comic series.

The third was hard. I needed a professor, or so I figured, to relate to my career. But there aren't that many fictional woman professors, and most of the fictional professors I know aren't....the most wonderful characters. So I picked Pomona Sprout, from Harry Potter, who also has the bonus of being the closest thing to the wizard-world version of a botanist, and she is also a Hufflepuff. (I would TOTALLY be a Hufflepuff if I were going to Hogwarts.)

One runner-up who didn't make it (I guess I was thinking "books" more than "film") would have to be Henrietta Lowell. She's kind of clumsy and messy and socially awkward but despite that she IS good-hearted and lovable (at least, I think she is). She's also a botany professor so that fits also.

I'd also have to include one of the fillyjonks, perhaps the One Who Believed In Disasters (because of her tendency to worry about things despite the fact that she is able to survive the worst possible thing happening). But in some ways I'm also a bit like the hemulens in those books as well - a little fussy, a little bossy, a little pedantic, prone to wear too many clothes (or so the Moomins think).

(Funny, with the exception of the generic Hemulen, there aren't really any MALE characters that spring to mind. Oh, I'd like to be able to be a bit imperious like Nero Wolfe, and also only work when I felt like it. Or perhaps, from a cartoon, Ice Bear, because he is good at a great many things - and he is also a knitter)

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