Thursday, September 08, 2016

"smol" and cute

(And, hush up: I like the internet slang "smol" for "small." I know some people think it's twee but I like it.)

I know, I said I really wasn't on-board with "Equestria Girls" (and still mostly am not, though I will acknowledge I somewhat enjoyed "Rainbow Rocks")

The two doll lines I am very divergent on: the Barbie-type ones I am even beyond "meh" about, to the point of active dislike. But the chibi ones....well, I like them. Like them well enough to buy them as I find them. (I wish they'd do the CMCs, maybe as a three-doll set).

I had really wanted a DJ PON-3 but couldn't find her at the stores near me that carry these, and for a while at least, Amazon only had them from third-party sellers, all of whom are apparently Ferengi. And while they're free to charge what they think the market will bear on these, I'm also free to go, "Meh, not worth it to me."

Well, the other day I had to order some storage supplies and other items from Amazon.....and hark, a wild Add-On Item appeared!

DJ PON-3! And at about the price I would have paid had I managed to find her at the local Mart of Wal.

So yes of course she got added on. I think she may be my new favorite.

Well, no. The Rarity is still my favorite. But DJ is *awfully* cute:

I think they may also have slightly improved the jointing method on this new line; she seems slightly more flexible (in the sense that I can move her arms around without worrying if I'm going to break them).

And yeah, it's nice to have a tiny treat today - I am grading and it is long and slightly woeful. (I had a student, for example, who confused the terms "hydrophobic" with the term "homophobic" on one of the essay questions. Which was unintentionally funny, but still....they were very unclear on the concepts.)

Edited to add: did her sculptor slip in an intentional thing here, that she can make " the sign of an L on her forehead"?:"

(I don't care if it was intentional or accidental (as a result of them molding her hand so she can "scratch" on a turntable), I kind of love it)

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