Friday, September 02, 2016

not much done

Well, I assumed the guys weren't going to be able to make it out to fix the door this week (not that it would have been THAT big a deal, at least the door was stuck OPEN) but then they called and said they'd be out around 1:30. So I thought, great, I'll go home, work at home a little, they'll fix it, I'll go back to school and work on the stuff I have to do over there.

Nnnnnnope. Got a call shortly before 1:30, they had an emergency call. I can't be too grumpy about it as it was an emergency at a fire station, and the fire station not being able to open one of their truck bays is a pretty big bad deal. They said they'd be here by 2:30.

So I wrote (most of) the sermon I'm doing as a fill-in next week. This way it can sit and I can go over it and do any changes or additions (it probably needs additions; it's only six pages and I think I need closer to nine to make a reasonable time). Practiced piano a little. Did a little cleaning. Still no guys.

Finally, around 3:30, they got here. No explanation why but if they were down in north Texas (I think that's where they're based) they would have a harder time getting here because of stupid road construction.

It was a broken cable. (I could see that there was something wrong with it). It cost $135, and it's nice to have the door back functional but I twitch given the high bills I've already had and the fact that I made chump change this summer. I'm gonna have to be super frugal for a while now.

I didn't get my exam written. Nor did I get as much cleaning done as I'd like but at least I got some sorting of stuff done. I have to go over tomorrow to work, boo.

it just does seem that whenever I hire someone to do work, emergencies come up and I have to wait. I am not good at waiting. I start to worry that they won't make it out (it's happened with other workers) and then I have to go through the sit-and-wait procedure again. (Once or twice, when I've been pushed off to another day, I tell the guy my office phone number and tell him I live five minutes from work and to call me when he's on his way).

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