Thursday, September 15, 2016

"Can we not?"

Apparently the Google behemoth (which owns Blogger) has decided to change things yet again. I voted for "no change to how my account works" (you can do that under a login screen the first time you try to leave a comment on here) Otherwise it asks you for a Google login and all that jazz and at first I couldn't leave a comment on Lynn's new blog (which is a blogspot blog again) until I told it NO DON'T MAKE ME CHANGE.

And yeah, yeah, I know: why don't you buy your own domain and have the blog there but (a) Money is tight-ish right now and this blog is 100% unmonetized and always will be such and (b) I've had this particular address for nearly 15 years now and I don't want to change it.

I suppose EVENTUALLY Google will decide, "Hey, we can start charging for blogs" or some other lunacy, at which point I'll probably stop blogging or something. But for now, here I stay, even as they continue to dink with things. (I don't know who sent me the couple of recent anonymous comments. I would LIKE to know. But I get that Blogger makes it difficult.)

In other news, I FINALLY finished my chapter evaluations but of course am not getting home ANY early and in fact am getting home later than normal for me, so boo. And am very, very brain-tired.

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Lynn said...

Wow, I had NO idea that was happening. I think they changed some things about the sidebar because when I wanted to change templates I couldn't get it to look the way I wanted in the preview so I gave up. It had the links only half the width of the sidebar and something else beside it. I could move things around but when I did so that there was nothing beside the links they were still only half the width. I wish they wouldn't screw with things. Like I always say, every upgrade makes things a little bit worse.