Thursday, September 01, 2016

A quick video

Someone on CPAAG posted this; it's one of those "things you might have wondered but never knew whom to ask" things....

How did Victorian women manage the loo?

(Note: no nudity involved. No actual toilets present)

I suspect, that, ahem, #1 was considerably easier than #2. The "front approach" seems like it would not work so well in that situation.... (and the front approach is also recommended for modern bridal gowns - something else with which I have no experience. IF I were to wind up getting married I would probably wear a simpler skirted suit now, like women in the 40s wore...I'm a little old for that giant princess dress thing now.)

The whole cage crinoline and bustle thing surprises me. I didn't realize how flexible they were. I still don't know how *heavy* they were but they look less arduous to wear than I thought they would be. I don't think I'd mind wearing one so much....

Some of the mechanics with the chamber pot,'d have to have good balance, I think, to manage standing up. (Then again, that's how men usually manage #1. But they're not wearing layers of petticoats and such). Maybe richer women had a servant who helped them? As awful as that sounds?

Also the video shows how women managed to sit down on chairs with bustles and trains, which was something I always wondered about.

(And as someone who usually wears dresses and skirts, the whole "gather up from the hem" thing is familiar).


Lynn said...

Ha. I have always wondered.

purlewe said...

wow. that was actually a well done video of something I never expected.