Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Well, poop. (A little)

The Webs mailer bag? Wasn't totally sealed and when I opened it I only found 12 of the 15 balls I ordered. I know Webs is a good business and they will do what they can to make it right (I called them but they're on the east coast so they were already closed for the day) BUT the yarn was a closeout and they may not have any more.

I did say that my preferred course of action would be to have those three balls replaced but if they can't, even if they'd give me a store credit for them that would be OK. (I'm not returning the whole lot; it's nice yarn and 1300 yards should be enough for a short-sleeved sweater of a vest, just not what I was planning for it. Hm. Maybe I do a cabled vest instead, 1300 yards would be enough for that....)

Too bad GlimGlam can't just magically duplicate those balls.

(That's my best attempt at the Pouty Rainbow Dash Sticking Out Her Lower Lip face).

And GlimGlam may have been Not A Nice Pony, but she sure is a pretty one.

Edited to add, from online, it's My Little Pouty. Hah.

Except most of those are "pouty duckfaces" like the trend that some girls did in selfies that they (inexplicably) thought made them look sexy. RD is the only genuinely grumpy-pouty face, and Sweetie Belle is more of a sad-pouty.

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